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Trucking Accidents

Whenever a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle is involved in an auto accident, the likelihood of a fatality or catastrophic injuries is substantial. It is also important to recognize that trucking companies defend these cases aggressively and many complex issues not common to other car accidents can arise. From day one, our Belleville truck accident lawyers will treat your situation differently than an accident involving two passenger vehicles. Experience and insight matter immensely in light of specific trucking regulations, known methods of deception by some truck drivers, and an array of other issues pertaining to liability and the amount of compensation we can seek.

Trucking Accident Attorney in St. Clair County, Illinois

Extensive Knowledge of Trucking Regulations, Accident Causes and Insurance
We help those injured in trucking accidents.

Our attorneys and legal team work closely with our clients to help ensure they receive quality medical care and the best opportunity available to recover and move forward in life. As part of a thorough investigation, we will strive to establish what happened to cause your trucking accident, how it occurred and why. We will take into account:

  • Potential violations of federal carrier and state highway laws covering over-the-road commercial vehicles and drivers
  • Issues of improper training, licensing and safety oversight that may have put an unqualified truck driver on the road
  • Acts of negligence or recklessness related to truck driver fatigue a factor sometimes disguised by alteration or forgery of drivers’ log books
  • Truck maintenance problems or oversights
  • Strategies and tactics commonly used by insurance companies to avoid or minimize payment of claims

Not all lawyers are equally prepared and situated to take legal action against a large, well-resourced insurer or other corporation. At Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C., we cannot be intimidated by a challenging case or a powerful opponent. If you are seeking answers and fair compensation after a southern or central Illinois truck accident, we encourage you to contact our law firm.

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