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People who are severely injured or who tragically lose a family member due to someone’s negligence, reckless conduct, medical malpractice, defective product, construction accident, trucking accident, or automobile accident, have legal recourse in Illinois.

Our courts are empowered to award financial compensation to the injured party or the next of kin in a wrongful death action or to the estate of the deceased in a survival action.

If you are considering filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, it is essential to work with an attorney prepared to explain the law, help you sort out legal choices and make sound decisions. Our Southern Illinois area firm, located in Belleville, is a proven resource for the information and action you need in one of life’s most challenging and stressful times.

We are the attorneys you can trust when it comes to the toughest and most substantial cases. Hire our personal injury firm because we are known for our track record in securing verdicts and settlements for seriously injured clients. 

At Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C., we recognize that people and their families who are the victims of negligence or reckless conduct need answers and a sense of closure as well as compensation to deal with funeral costs, medical expenses, lost income and other life-altering consequences.

We handle cases we believe in and work toward outcomes that truly make a difference for our clients. Read more about all of our practice areas below.

Areas Of Injury Law We Practice


Personal Injury Law: We at Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. are proud of the record-setting injury law verdicts and settlements that we have obtained for our clients.

Whether you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident, injured at work, hurt as a result of a medical mistake or malpractice, or injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, the attorneys at Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. are equipped to represent your case. We take all personal injury claims seriously and promise to give you honest, accurate feedback.

Medical Malpractice: Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. practices Medical Malpractice Law, holding medical professionals accountable for their actions and decisions. This includes pre-natal and delivery room negligence cases, failure to diagnose serious illness, surgical errors, mismanaged post-surgical care, drug overdoses or medication errors made by physicians or pharmacies and lack of informed consent.

Wrongful Death: We at Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. handle wrongful death lawsuits beginning with our thorough investigation and case evaluation. We prioritize justice for our wrongful death clients as we seek outcomes that benefit the public aiming to prevent future injuries or fatalities. Car crash or motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases and industrial, construction or work accidents represent some of the wrongful death cases we handle.

Defective Products: A lawsuit against a wealthy corporation or manufacturer may seem intimidating, but we at Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. are experienced injury lawyers with a history of recovering sizable compensation for injury or death as a result of our clients’ use of products that were allowed to remain on the market despite the fact that they were unsafe or dangerous.

Medical Devices: As a medical patient you should be able to trust in the safety of medical devices, drugs and other medical products to be safe and effective. When a medical device causes injury to a patient as a result of design defects or having been improperly tested our injury lawyers go to work to be sure that medical device manufacturers and their insurance companies compensate injured patients.

Construction Accidents: Many of the injury claims that we handle are a result of hard working people hurt on the job. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal issues at our Belleville Illinois law office. We’ve earned our reputation as the most effective construction accident lawyer in Belleville though a long history of thorough representation of clients hurt in slip and fall accidents, construction equipment accidents, injuries at work as a result of design flaws or inadequate maintenance or training.

Trucking Accidents: A large part of our legal practice is devoted to serving injured clients in the capacity of trucking and car accident representation. Our workers compensation attorneys work closely with our clients injured in trucking accidents to ensure that they receive the medical care they need along with any compensation to which they are entitled in order to best move forward with their lives.

Our lawyers in Belleville, IL are familiar with common causes of truck accidents including violations of carrier and state highway laws regarding commercial vehicles and drivers, improper truck driver training, negligence related to truck driver fatigue, truck maintenance problems and trucking insurance companies strategies to avoid or minimize payment of claims.

Auto Accidents: Our firm has the skills and capabilities to effectively represent truck and car accident injury cases, accidents caused by auto defects including seat belt and tire defects as well as rollover susceptibility, railroad crossing accidents and other injuries due to design and auto manufacturer deficiencies. We also represent those injured as a result of drunk or distracted driving, accidents caused by reckless actions of law enforcement officers and injuries to passengers as a result of negligent drivers.

Hiring the right Belleville, IL Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know is injured because of the negligence of a doctor, hospital, pharmacy or property owner you need of the kind of thorough and aggressive legal representation provided by Belleville IL injury attorneys, Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C.. Our Belleville, Illinois Injury Law Firm is well-known for our ability to detect the viability of injury, medical malpractice, product liability and wrongful death cases and then prepare and fight for our clients’ ability to recover damages.

Our careful preparation has earned us the reputation of winning injury and malpractice cases that might seem daunting to other attorneys in Belleville, Il. We encourage anyone who has been injured in a car crash, hurt in the workplace or as a result of medical negligence or malpractice to contact us at our Belleville, Illinois law office at: (618) 236-2221

We will schedule a free consultation with a legal professional who will listen carefully and help you plan your next step on the road to recovery and compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

At the Belleville Medical Malpractice firm of Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, it is our duty to hold physicians, hospitals and medical professionals responsible for the loss of life or livelihood their mistakes have caused you or your family. We are proud to count ourselves among the winningest law firms in Belleville and St. Clair County, IL. We’re the law firm Belleville IL trusts to level the playing field.

Whether you or your family member has been the victim of wrongful death, medical malpractice, workplace injury, auto or trucking accidents, we have a history of helping.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer recognized by AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Ratings.
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Medical Malpractice Lawyer member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.
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