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A catastrophic injury is a serious injury that has the potential to leave permanent damage to its victim. Typically, a catastrophic accident is caused by physical trauma to the brain or the spinal cord, neck, back, face, and limbs of the injured party.

The repercussions of a catastrophic injury can have both short-term and long-term after-effects to a person because they are so severe. An injury to the brain or the spinal cord can leave a person physically handicapped. A burn victim may be disfigured for life. Recovery from a catastrophic accident can be difficult.

Trusted Personal Injury Lawyers in Belleville Illinois: Keefe, Keefe & Unsell

Pursuing justice for victims of traumatic injury and personal injury cases.
Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in St. Clair County Illinois

Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C., have experience in representing individuals who have been hurt in the following ways:

  • Devastating spinal cord and brain injuries.
  • Prolonged Exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances.
  • Severe burns
  • Orthopedic Injuries and multiple broken bones.
  • Amputations
  • Organ Damage

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Catastrophic Injury

Trucking Accidents – Lax enforcement of rules and inadequate equipment can leave drivers in precarious situations. Drivers can sustain head, neck, brain and spinal injuries along with broken bones. These injuries have the potential to leave a motorist paralyzed or with brain damage.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Defectively designed parts, drunk driving, and distracted driving are just some of the ways that car accidents happen. Victims can sustain fractures, spine and neck injuries, burns, and amputations.

Construction Incidents – There are many causes for construction accidents. Falls, electrical injury or death, ladder accidents, slips and falls, machinery, automobiles and even objects flying through the air can cause injury. This can lead to a loss of mobility, income, and even death.

Motorcycle Accidents – dangerous road conditions, drunk driving, right-of-way errors, motorcycle defects, unsafe lane changes, and sudden stops all can cause motorcycle accidents. Multiple parties can be responsible for the accidents. This may require a prolonged legal fight to bring justice to the victim.

Workplace Injuries – Injured workers can be caught in-between machinery, hit by falling objects or inhale toxic fumes. We also have represented workers burned by fires and explosions, fall and even be exposed to fights. Illinois has laws that protect workers from serious injury. These laws can be used to retrieve compensation for a catastrophic accident.

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