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Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Belleville, Illinois

At the law firm of Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C., medical malpractice case evaluation and litigation are longstanding, clear strengths. Our firm engages in thorough, careful pre-screening and pursues cases judged meritorious by a network of qualified physicians and other experts. As a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Belleville Illinois, Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. will look hard at the type of negligence involved and the magnitude of adverse consequences, recognizing that injury victims are seeking sound legal guidance and not false hope. Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. has handled a wide range of high-stakes medical malpractice claims, obtaining numerous sizable verdicts and settlements.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Belleville, Illinois

Enforcing Health Care Professionals’ Accountability Under the Law
Keefe, Keefe and Unsell P.C., St Clair County injury lawyers.

Like other licensed professionals, doctors must be held accountable for their actions. People have a right to expect diligence, focus and skill when they seek medical treatment. Our medical malpractice attorneys in St. Clair County, Illinois are prepared to meet the high standard of proof required to win compensation after medical mistakes including:

· Pre-natal and delivery room negligence that results in birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, brain injury and other preventable conditions

· Failures to diagnose an illness such as cancer or heart disease, often by failing to administer the proper tests or misreading test results

· Misdiagnosis that prevents a patient from receiving timely, proper treatment

· Surgical errors, including operation on the wrong body part, unnecessary surgery or serious anesthesia mistakes

· Mismanaged post-surgical care and medical negligence

· Drug overdoses and other serious medication errors made at either the physician or pharmacy level, product liability, compromised medical records and other errors

· Lack of informed consent when a doctor fails to properly inform a patient of the nature, intent and risks of a medical procedure, ultimately leading to a severe adverse outcome

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases That We Handle

Birth Injuries – Negligence and improper procedure in the delivery process can result in lasting harm for you or your baby. Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. specializes in holding physicians accountable for the quality of care they provide. Preventable injuries such as the brachial plexus injury discussed in this article are all too common; you and your baby should not be left to pick up the pieces for any shortcomings in your medical care. There are many options to safely deliver a baby without injury, and a doctor should know these options and use them. Any failure to do so resulting in harm to you or your baby could be an example of medical negligence.

Hospital Malpractice – Not all investigations into potential medical malpractice ultimately center on a specific doctor or any other single medical professional. In this age of “managed care” and bureaucracy that is pervasive throughout most aspects of the health care system, policies and decisions made by hospital administrators must also be carefully considered in a malpractice suit. Outdated policies and bureaucratic controls can be detrimental to patient care; if evidence of this can be found, the hospital can be held accountable for the resulting damages. Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. has the tools and resources to find these shortcomings.

A Total Effort, from an In-Depth Case Evaluation Through Settlement or Trial

Even as many lawyers in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois are turning away from the complexity of medical malpractice litigation, our law office continues to take action against doctors and other medical professionals who fail to uphold prevailing standards of care. Our reputation compels opponents to take us seriously, and our case-building skills enable us to pursue sizable compensation for a victim of medical malpractice with confidence.

In a recent 2018 case, Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C. secured a 2.25-million-dollar settlement in a medical malpractice case in St. Clair County, IL. In another case, Perry v Garchitorena & Midwest Emergency Department Services, Perry was awarded $8.48 million towards future medical expenses as a result of something as simple as a car accident. Perry’s injuries were overlooked, as a result he was owed compensation for pain and suffering, years of physical therapy, and medical bills. Although you can see that representing clients in malpractice cases is difficult for a litany of reasons, this case proves that with the right legal team it is possible to secure the compensation you deserve to help with future medical costs.

Winning Medical Malpractice Firm in St. Clair County, IL

At Keefe, Keefe, & Unsell P.C. we have served St. Clair County for over 40 years, providing expert legal advice to those harmed by negligence, misconduct, and mistakes. We’ve been recognized for our work as Super Lawyers and Leading Lawyers, and have received numerous awards including the Martindale-Hubbell award, as well as the prestigious Leonard M. Ring award. We believe that professional, compassionate representation of our clients is of utmost importance, and are dedicated to providing expert legal support to the people of St. Clair County, IL and St. Louis. It has been both an honor and privilege to represent our ever-growing number of satisfied clients.

Please contact us at (618) 236-2221 for a free consultation and thorough, informed evaluation of your potential legal case. If you or a loved one has been victimized by a life-changing medical mistake or fatal consequences, you deserve compensation.

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