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$9.4 Million Construction Accident Case

CASE: Spencer v API Construction; 13-L-293
VENUE: St. Clair County, IL
VERDICT: $9.44 Million
DATE: August 19, 2016

Our client was a subcontractor on a construction site. He was standing under a ladder, wearing his hard hat, when someone descended that ladder without first looking to ensure it was safe to do so, and stepped on his head. Our client underwent multiple neck surgeries, ended up with a fused neck, was facing a future surgery and was rendered unable to continue to work within his chosen profession – as an electrician by trade. He also had a history of preexisting neck problems.

Despite the strong objection of the defense, the Court made a finding that API Construction was solely responsible. We then proceeded to a trial on damages. Our client had $140,318.04 in past medical expenses. We proved $803,000 in future medical expenses and $1,500,000 in lost wages – past and future. In total, the jury awarded $9,443,318.04. This included $2 million for past pain, suffering and loss of a normal life. It also included $5 million for future pain, suffering and loss of a normal life.

The jury returned the verdict in 14 minutes.