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When Will Juries Return?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ground the justice system to a halt — just as it has so many other things. Personal injury lawyers in Belleville, IL and around the nation, as well as the clients they represent are likely feeling the frustration of waiting for their day in...

Lab Mixup

It is human nature to trust our institutions and the people who work within them.

In sending your child to school, you expect he or she will be taught by skilled teachers. Car gets broken into? You assume police will try to find the culprit. And when you go to the hospital, you trust that the physicians and lab technicians will do their best to keep you healthy.

Society runs on trust.

Reforming Legal Education Could Address Justice Gap

By Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., Medical Malpractice Attorney, Belleville, IL  A couple years ago I agreed to serve as interim dean of a law school. In the interest of complete disclosure it was, to put it charitably, tempestuous. “Academia Meets Trial Lawyer”...coming to a...

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