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$8 Million Wrongful Death Case

CASE: Dorsey v. State of Illinois, 08-CC-2945
VENUE: Court of Claims
VERDICT: $8 Million
DATE: January 18, 2011

Two teenage girls driving home from a family photo shoot were killed when an Illinois State Trooper, speeding to a call, lost control of his patrol car.  His vehicle jumped the median, flew through the air, and crashed into our clients’ daughters — the girls were traveling the opposite direction on the interstate.

We demonstrated the trooper was traveling 126 mph, and that the scene he was responding to had already been secured, such that the “emergency” he was responding to no longer existed.  We also proved he was texting and operating his computer while driving at such reckless speeds.  The officer was charged with – – and pleaded guilty to – – felony conduct.  We tried the case before an Illinois Court of Claims Commissioner, who recommended an award of $8 million.

The full Court of Claims endorsed the verdict, which was ultimately appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly. 

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