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Product Liability Case Results


Products liability is when a person is injured by an unsafe product. The law says that if a designer, manufacturer or seller places a defective and unreasonably dangerous product into the chain of commerce, and a person gets hurt while using the product the way they’re supposed to use it, the people who profited from the product are liable. Products liability is different than negligence because in negligence cases, we have to prove the defendant acted unreasonably. In products liability cases, the seller could exercise all possible due care but – – if the product itself is unsafe – – they are still responsible. Common examples include, but are in no way limited to, things like airbags which don’t deploy, chairs which break, explosions from leaky propane tanks, faulty construction equipment, and malfunctioning medical devices. Below is just a sample of verdicts and settlements secured under this theory.

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Product Liability Shower Stool

$11 Million Settlement

Product Liability
June 15, 2019