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$2.6 Million Premise Liability Case

CASE: Jackson v. Lewis Brothers, 15-L-454
VENUE: St. Clair County, IL
SETTLEMENT: $2.6 Million
DATE: February 27, 2017

Our client was a bread truck delivery driver, subcontracted to operate a truck owned and maintained by the Defendant. After completing his deliveries, he was performing a mandatory post-trip inspection, which required him to climb into the back of the truck.

To enter, he grasped a “grab bar” and then pulled himself up. When he did so, the grab bar pulled completely free from the truck, flinging our client backwards. He landed on his tailbone, suffered severe low back injuries, underwent multiple surgeries, and was left with incessant shooting pains down his legs and permanent numbness in his foot, which meant he could not pass the DOT physical and thus could not drive a truck.

The Court entered summary judgment against the Defendant, after their employees admitted they were solely responsible for maintaining the truck, should have seen and repaired the defect, and failed to do so. We proceeded to mediation, and the defendant ultimately settled for $2.6 million.