CASE: Perry v. Garchitorena & Midwest Emergency Department Services, 03-L-40

VENUE: St. Clair County, IL
VERDICT: $8.48 Million
DATE: August 10, 2007

Our client was in an automobile accident and went to the emergency room.  He had soft tissue injuries and was given the standard discharge instructions to follow up with his doctor in a couple days.  When he left the hospital, he thought he was fine.  He felt fine.

What he wasn’t told by the ER physician is that his labs showed diminished kidney function, and active kidney disease.  His kidneys continued to deteriorate, and when the disease was finally diagnosed, our client needed dialysis.  We alleged, and the jury agreed, that if the ER doctor had told our client about his abnormal kidney function, he would have sought immediate treatment, and therefore been spared dialysis and the need for a transplant.

The jury awarded $25,000 for disfigurement; $125,000 for loss of a normal life; $10,000 for pain and suffering; $200,000 for emotional distress; $500,000 for past medical expenses; and $7,200,000 for future medical expenses.