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Medical Malpractice Case Confidential Client

CASE: Confidential
VENUE: St. Clair County, IL
SETTLEMENT: $2.25 Million
DATE: November 26, 2018

Our client, aged 75, was in a low-speed car accident.  He complained of pain before passing out in his vehicle; paramedics took him to the emergency room.  There, the doctor ordered a CT scan of his head and neck.  The radiologist read it as normal.  Relying on the radiologist, the ER doctor then removed the cervical collar, which immobilized our client’s neck.  Our client tried to stand up, but couldn’t move or feel his legs.  Rather than immediately seeking a neurosurgical consult, and otherwise responding to a clear emergency, the ER doctor simply admitted our client for observation.

It turns out that the radiologist missed a fracture; our client had a broken neck.  Even more tragically, by the time he was seen by a specialist the next day, it was too late.  He was irreversibly paralyzed.  We sued the radiologist and the emergency room physician, and the case resolved on the eve of trial.  The case was handled by Thomas Q. Keefe, III.