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Buyer Beware: No Incline Sleeper is Safe, Government Says

As personal injury lawyers in Belleville, IL, we wanted to update you on a consumer product hazard that first came to light with the massive recall of the popular Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. 

Since we initially wrote about this dangerous product in June, two other brands of inclined sleepers have been recalled and pulled off shelves by the manufacturers. And now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging people to avoid  buying any inclined sleepers on the market, even those that have not been specifically recalled. 

A new study found that the 30 degree incline on many of these products is inherently dangerous because it forces the infant to fight to remain upright so their airway isn’t compromised.

The only safe way to sleep is in the position that safety advocates have been preaching about for years: flat on the back, without any possible obstructions.

It’s very clear that we can’t rely on the manufacturers to bring this type of information to parents’ attention. So that’s why we continue to update you on this situation. We do not want to see one of these rocker “accidents” come into our office as a wrongful death or defective products case — although if one does, we will fight vigorously to hold the manufacturer accountable. 

But let’s make sure it never reaches that stage. Buyer beware.


Some personal injury and wrongful death cases hinge on the willful failure of a company to make the products it uses or distributes as safe as reasonably possible. Others involve fundamental design or manufacturing defects that pose an unacceptable risk to consumers. A third area of inquiry is whether inadequate product labeling, negligence in preparing user instructions, or other shortcomings constitute a failure to warn users of product dangers. If any of these situations apply to you or a family member, contact us to begin the process of holding the company accountable.