Criminal Defense Lawyer in Belleville, Illinois

It is a tremendous risk to face any criminal charge – from drunk driving, theft or assault to drug possession, burglary or murder – without a skilled, focused criminal defense lawyer on your side. Whether or not jail time is likely, a conviction could turn your life upside down financially and personally, in terms of employment and otherwise. You owe it to yourself and those who care about you to find legal counsel you can trust.

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As an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Belleville Illinois, Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr. stands ready to hear you out, explore and explain your legal options, and deliver skilled representation when you face allegations of criminal acts such as:

  • Homicide, attempted murder or another serious violent felony
  • Assault, battery, aggravated battery, domestic violence or weapons charges
  • DUI “sometimes called DWI” or another serious driving or alcohol-related charge
  • Drug charges ranging from possession of marijuana to possession, sale, trafficking or manufacture of other controlled substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine or prescription drugs
  • Theft or other property crimes including burglary and criminal trespassing

Read more about the Criminal Defense services we offer:

  1. Assault & Battery
  2. Burglary & Criminal Trespassing
  3. Challenging Search & Seizures
  4. Criminal Appeals
  5. Drug Possession
  6. DUI Defense
  7. Homicide & Murder
  8. Internet Sex Crimes
  9. Professional Misconduct
  10. Theft

Criminal Defense Lawyer in St. Clair County Illinois

Skilled, Determined Protection of Your Rights and Future

Our criminal defense law firm in St. Clair County, Illinois was founded on clear principles of upholding our system of law, protecting people’s rights, and doing honor to the legal profession by delivering maximum effort with genuine integrity. These principles apply across our criminal defense practice as we push for truth and fairness, challenge searches and seizures, and build the strongest possible cases for our valued clients.

Working as a Criminal Defense Lawyer in St. Clair County, Illinois and in our practice, public defender Thomas Q. Keefe III has handled plea bargains, sentencing negotiations and trial defense for people facing a vast range of criminal charges. Our firm’s capabilities extend to:

  • Offering sound guidance and timely intervention if you learn you are under a criminal or government agency investigation
  • Defending people alleged to have committed probation violations
  • Filing well-prepared criminal appeals in the appropriate state or federal court

You will not be judged or disrespected when you contact our law firm about your need for criminal defense. We know that police have their own agendas and that theirs is only one side of the story. Whether your problem calls for investigation and strategic case building or skilled negotiation to minimize consequences, we will do our best on your behalf.

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