Design & Manufacturing Defects

Products liability laws are in place to protect consumers from defective and dangerous products of all types, ranging from contaminated food items to prescription drugs that pose unacceptable health risks, and from toys to automobiles and industrial equipment. Proving that a design or manufacturing defect caused serious injury or a wrongful death is a critical aspect of many civil lawsuits.

Our Belleville, Illinois, law firm has represented numerous victims of dangerous products, targeting fair and just compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and other damages. We are driven by a strong commitment to helping our clients recover to the greatest possible extent, and also by the conviction that manufacturers should be held accountable for the safety of products they market and sell for profit.

Extensive, Dependable Knowledge of the Laws Covering Dangerous Products

When proving that a product was “unreasonably dangerous” due to a manufacturing or design defect is a complex challenge, under Illinois law it is not necessary to prove product testing was inadequate or that the manufacturer was otherwise negligent. Essentially, the focus is on substantiating the flaw itself and establishing that the defect caused injury or a wrongful death. Labeling defects and failures to warn consumers about product dangers can also justify legal action.

Building Cases for Trial or a Favorable Settlement

Our attorneys are committed to diligent case evaluation and comprehensive case building. To determine whether your legal action has a high likelihood of success, we will investigate all circumstances and perform essential research. If we believe your case has merit, our lawyers will not be intimidated by the wealth and power of the company responsible for the product manufacturing or design defect that seriously harmed you or changed your family forever.

Our experience as Belleville design defect injury lawyers extends to class action lawsuits and multi-district litigation (MDL) as well as many sizable recoveries for individual victims of defective and dangerous products. To discuss your specific case without risk or obligation, simply call or e-mail us today.

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