Automobile Defects

The prospect of a lawsuit against a powerful, wealthy manufacturer or other corporation is intimidating for an individual or family. At our law firm, we have met this challenge many times. Our founding attorney’s track record includes recovery of sizable compensation for injured workers and other victims of corporate negligence and dangerous products.

Fundamentally, we believe any company that profits by making and distributing goods has a high level of responsibility to make its products as safe as possible. Federal and Illinois state products liability laws support this view, but they are complex and subject to interpretation at many levels.

After a serious accident you believe was caused by a dangerous product, it can be critical to work with a lawyer who is:

  • Knowledgeable about state and federal products liability statutes
  • Resourceful and committed to the thorough investigation necessary in such cases, calling on industry experts as necessary for analysis and insight
  • A proven negotiator and trial lawyer able to sustain an intensive, lengthy legal effort

Advocacy for Victims of Dangerous Auto Parts, Medical Devices and Medications

Our capabilities at Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., P.C., extend to products liability cases involving:

  • Auto defects including tire failures that can cause SUV and van rollovers, air bags that fail to deploy, seat belt and seat back failures, and more
  • Defective medical devices including insulin pumps that seriously injure a diabetic patient through insulin overdose or an inadequate dosage
  • Defective prescription drugs

Some personal injury and wrongful death cases hinge on the willful failure of a company to make the products it uses or distributes as safe as reasonably possible. Others involve fundamental design or manufacturing defects that pose an unacceptable risk to consumers. A third area of inquiry is whether inadequate product labeling, negligence in preparing user instructions, or other shortcomings constitute a failure to warn users of product dangers.

A proper analysis of your potential case includes determining whether an individual lawsuit or class action suit is appropriate. Our Belleville product liability attorneys are committed to providing honest, informed legal guidance and action in our clients’ best interests. To speak with a caring, dedicated lawyer about your ability to recover compensation, please contact us.

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