Premises Liability

Under the Premises Liability Act for the state of Illinois, property owners owe a duty of reasonable care to people who lawfully visit their property. There are many aspects, limitations and exclusions in this law, all of which are open to some level of interpretation.

Essentially, however, this premises liability law can make an owner or occupier liable for financial damages if someone is injured due to unsafe conditions that should have been recognized and fixed or marked. At Thomas Q. Keefe, P.C., we carefully evaluate potential premises liability claims based on factors including the severity of the injuries, availability of insurance coverage and other potential sources of recovery.

Proven Construction Negligence and Job Site Injury Attorneys

Whether you working on a construction site or otherwise lawfully on someone’s property, you may have a valid claim if you suffered injury caused by a condition you did not know about and were not warned about.

Most commonly, claims our firm handles involve industrial or construction negligence that caused a worksite vehicle accident, injuries from using dangerous, defective equipment, a fall from scaffolding, impact from falling debris or some other harmful event. We may also be able to help you after a serious slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, dog bite or animal attack.

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Acting Quickly and Decisively to Protect Your Rights Can Be Critical

Fast action focused on documenting what happened and collecting evidence can be essential to a successful premises liability case. The sooner you contact a skilled attorney for guidance, the more likely photographic evidence or witness testimony will be available to support your case.

Our Belleville premises liability lawyers have a track record of success with legitimate dangerous property and on-the-job injury lawsuits. If you have suffered serious injury you believe was due to someone’s negligence in the Belleville area or elsewhere in Southern Illinois, please contact our firm to discuss legal options.

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