Hospital Malpractice

Not all investigations into potential medical malpractice ultimately center on a specific doctor or any other single medical professional. In this age of “managed care” and bureaucracy that is pervasive throughout most aspects of the health care system, policies set and decisions made by hospital administrators must also be carefully considered.

Has Negligent Hospital Management or Decision Making Seriously Harmed You?

If a family member passed away or you suffered permanent harm in a hospital, and you suspect a major mistake in treatment or find the circumstances inexplicable, contact an experienced Belleville hospital malpractice attorney at our firm as soon as possible. A wide range of situations may justify a claim or lawsuit for hospital negligence, such as:

  • Emergency room mismanagement, including understaffing, resulting in failure to diagnose heart attack symptoms, a brain injury or other potentially catastrophic condition in a timely manner
  • Nursing errors ranging from failure to properly monitor patients after surgery to dispensing fatal medication overdoses or those that cause allergic reactions
  • Failure to recognize and take proper measures to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections, now often called “health care-associated infections” because they occur in a wide range of care facilities
  • Discovery of grossly inadequate background checking of hospital employees or other negligent hiring or training practices for essential hospital staff, including unqualified individuals and those with a criminal past

Reach a Caring, Well-Qualified Southern Illinois Hospital Negligence Attorney

Our Belleville firm, led for more than three decades by widely respected trial lawyer Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for deserving clients. We stand up for ordinary people against powerful, wealthy opponents such as health care conglomerates to deliver justice for victims of negligence that must be exposed and addressed.

If you have reason to believe you or a family member was victimized by serious hospital negligence, take action for your future now by contacting our firm for a case evaluation. You can count on honest, informed counsel and treatment with the utmost care and respect.

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