Serious & Fatal Car Accidents

We all drive with awareness of the risks, but no one anticipates being involved in a gravely serious auto crash with consequences that may include brain injury, a spinal injury resulting in paralysis, crush injuries, burns or even a tragic fatality. In the aftermath, people often face not only personal and emotional adversity but financial concerns that cannot be overstated.

Serious crashes absolutely call for accomplished, experienced legal representation. Fault may be disputed or you may have no memory of the crash and need solid answers. Depending on insurance companies to honor their obligation and offer a fair, just settlement is a major risk we do not want anyone to take.

Seriously Injured by a Reckless Driver, or Grieving Due to a Fatal Car Wreck?

When a collision on a Central Illinois or Southern Illinois roadway takes a loved one from his or her family or survivors must cope with catastrophic injuries our Belleville fatal car accident attorneys are exceptionally well equipped to investigate and take action.

We have ready access to qualified experts in accident reconstruction, auto defects and other matters relevant to your case. Our lawyers’ work earning favorable results for our clients through complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation largely speaks for itself, with knowledge crossing the spectrum of:

  • Truck accidents involving semi rigs, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, delivery vehicles, buses, construction equipment and other massive vehicles
  • Drunk driving accidents and other wrecks caused by gross negligence such as texting while driving, failing to yield at an intersection or speeding despite bad road conditions
  • Highway accidents in construction zones and those caused by improper signage or dangerous roadway defects
  • Railroad crossing accidents and others requiring legal action against companies or a government entity
  • Deadly crashes caused by unlicensed, uninsured or underinsured motorists

Reach a Caring, Dedicated Southern Illinois Fatal Car Crash Attorney Now

With so much on the line, we encourage you to turn to our law firm in Belleville one that has, under the leadership of founder Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., delivered well more than $150 million in settlements and verdicts for people harmed due to others’ actions. From your free case evaluation forward, we will prioritize your rights and future and relentlessly target every dollar of compensation available to help you recover and restore your future.

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