Railroad Crossing Accidents

Any accident involving a freight or passenger train has a very high likelihood of causing loss of life or catastrophic injuries. Our experience with railroad accidents extends back to one of founding attorney Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr.’s earliest multimillion-dollar recoveries in the 1980s.

As is true for many commercial truck accidents, your lawyer’s relevant experience and insight can be critical. We know how to approach and investigate railroad crossing accidents in light of specific Illinois law, and our attorneys are adept at targeting compensation based on an accident’s full economic and personal impact on victims.

Did Negligent Maintenance of the Crossing Cause Your Crash?

In Illinois, there is a preemption of claims that railroad crossings approved by the commerce commission are unsafe simply because they lack warning lights or guard arms. A range of other factors can impede visibility or otherwise create unsafe conditions at a railroad crossing, however. We are prepared to investigate thoroughly to determine what happened, with attention to factors such as:

  • Malfunctioning warning lights or other safety equipment
  • Whether trees, brush or other vegetation growth was allowed to obscure signs or driver visibility
  • A lack of a proper whistle warning, or other negligence by railroad personnel

When our Belleville car accident attorneys assess the validity of legal action after a wreck at a railroad crossing or any other catastrophic event, we look carefully at liability, damages and overall public safety. If the railroad or someone else failed to meet basic obligations such as maintaining a crossing or properly training personnel, we will work to prove just that and win full, fair compensation for you.

To speak with a lawyer prepared to evaluate your legal options after a railroad crossing accident, please contact our Belleville, Illinois, law firm today.

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