Many theft charges are worth fighting aggressively because police, witnesses and others do make mistakes. Whether you are innocent and need a lawyer to prove it, or you know you made a mistake and want to avoid the most severe consequences, facing an Illinois theft charge without skilled legal counsel is a major risk.

Our legal team, led in the criminal defense area by attorney Thomas Q. Keefe III, is sincerely dedicated to defending our clients’ rights. We work to understand client goals and concerns while sharing our in-depth knowledge of potential consequences and defense strategies.

Investigation, Preparation and Action to Protect Your Future

We are prepared to help you deal with a theft charge at any level, from a Class A misdemeanor for shoplifting to a felony charge. It is important that you fully understand what you are up against – including possible prison time if you are convicted of stealing directly from another individual or taking items valued at more than $300.

Your future prospects clearly hang in the balance after an arrest or as the target of an investigation for:

  • Theft of valuable property from either an individual or store
  • Burglary, criminal trespassing, possession of stolen property or other serious offenses
  • Identity theft or another computer property crime
  • Embezzlement, fraud or other “white collar” crimes

Not all Belleville theft attorneys will approach your defense with equal focus and energy. Recognizing the impact a conviction could have on your life, we prepare our defense cases for trial and stay fully engaged every step of the way.

Aggressive Trial Advocacy or Sound, Focused Negotiation on Your Behalf

Our skills extend to challenging searches and seizures, filing motions to exclude evidence, and bringing police mistakes or misconduct to light. When the prosecution’s case is strong, we are also adept and determined in pursuing mitigated sentencing and a range of alternatives for protection of your future.

For a consultation with an attorney who will hear you out and work hard to help, call or e-mail us at Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., P.C., now.

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