Search & Seizures

One of the most critical issues in many criminal defense cases is whether evidence was seized legally or if law enforcement actions violated a person’s constitutional rights. If you have been charged with a criminal offense ranging from marijuana or other drug possession to burglary, drug trafficking or manufacture, your future may depend on your criminal defense attorney’s investigative skills and overall legal knowledge.

We take pride and satisfaction in our commitment to protecting our valued clients’ civil rights. A big part of this commitment is pursuing any indication that an illegal search and seizure may have occurred – whether the search was of your person, car or truck, home or place of business.

Determined Protection of Your Fourth Amendment Rights

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a critical element in our system of law, granting people “the right to be secure … against unreasonable searches and seizures. Working hard to uphold this fundamental protection, our Belleville, Illinois, attorneys delve into possibilities including:

  • Absence of a legal search warrant or problems with the scope of a warrant
  • Traffic stops, searches and arrests without probable cause
  • Issues with police intimidation, coerced confessions or otherwise illegally obtained evidence

Applying wide-ranging experience as a public defender and in private practice, lawyer Thomas Q. Keefe III knows that police, prosecutors and other officials make mistakes and sometimes overstep their authority.

Fast Action and Investigation Could Prove Critical to Your Case

If you have been arrested for a drug crime or any other criminal offense, you can turn to our firm with confidence that we will work to build the best possible defense case for you – including filing motions in the determined effort to exclude evidence against you.

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