Public Official Misconduct & Civil Rights Claims

Our law firm has long been a hardworking force for the public good as well as the protection of the fundamental rights of our clients. Our practice is founded on the idea that no one’s position, power or wealth places them above the law. From police and other law enforcement officials to those elected to public office, people in positions of authority must be held accountable for their actions.

Our strengths in serious personal injury litigation and criminal defense are important assets for evaluating your potential claim involving public official misconduct. We have pursued a high-stakes lawsuit on behalf of the victims of an Illinois state trooper whose extreme reckless driving caused a fatal car accident, for example.

Seeking Justice for the Injured and Mistreated in Southern Illinois

Our interests, priorities and capabilities extend to cases involving:

  • Police or public official driving behavior that injures others, including high-speed chases without regard to public safety
  • Civil rights violations related to false or wrongful arrest; excessive force, police brutality or harassment; or an illegal search and seizure leading to your criminal prosecution
  • Racial profiling or other discrimination by public officials

Most claims against the state of Illinois require Court of Claims litigation. At our firm, you can work with a proven Southern Illinois professional negligence attorney determined to expose all the facts and strive to obtain the best outcome for you.

Dedicated Lawyers for Justice and Public Safety

If you have been seriously harmed and believe public official abuse or negligence was the reason, it is essential to work with a respected lawyer and firm prepared to evaluate your potential case thoroughly. Contact us today to discuss legal options for recovering financial compensation and ultimately protecting others from similar harm.

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