Breach of Trust

Our law firm is a longstanding, proven resource for victims of professional negligence and misconduct throughout Illinois. We are prepared to handle many types of civil litigation targeting exposure of wrongdoing, fair compensation for victims and protection of the public interest.

The term “breach of trust” is most commonly used to describe alleged wrongful actions by the trustee or administrator of an estate, typically for their own financial gain. In a business context, financial advisors, brokers and partners may commit either a breach of trust or breach of fiduciary duty when they violate a legal obligation to act in someone else’s financial best interest.

Pursuing Justice for Victims of Abuse by Clergy, Teachers or Others in Authority

More broadly, the concept of a breach of trust clearly applies to certain misuses of authority sometimes committed by members of the clergy, teachers and others with deep, inherent responsibilities to people they serve and oversee. If you or a family member has been abused – physically, sexually or financially – by a person who exploited their trust, a civil lawsuit or other decisive action to recover damages may be appropriate.

Our founding lawyer Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., has a track record of success in complex civil litigation, including medical malpractice claims and a range of professional misconduct cases. We seek to honor our own profession “the law” by upholding fairness and holding people in positions of trust accountable for harm done to others.

Whether your case calls for a Southern Illinois clergy abuse attorney or one with deep experience exposing other moral and financial wrongs and helping victims recover, please contact us today. We pledge to treat you with respect and compassion as we carefully evaluate and explore legal options you may have.

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