Professional Misconduct

As we strive to do honor to our own profession, our longstanding Illinois law firm has become widely respected as a resource for people victimized by the actions and negligence of other professionals. For decades, our founding attorney Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., has held to strong principles emphasizing personal accountability and public safety.

Medical Malpractice – Breaches of Trust or Duty

Our legal team’s experience includes taking action against doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who commit medical malpractice, as well as public officials who violate others’ rights. We are prepared to evaluate claims and cases alleging:

  • Doctor or hospital negligence resulting in birth injury, wrongful death or serious personal injury
  • A breach of trust by a professional or other person in authority, resulting in measurable financial or demonstrable personal damage to victims

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  2. Breach of Trust

Lawyers Prepared for Action to Recover Damages for Victims

We know that the idea of filing a lawsuit against a powerful, well-resourced professional, company or government entity can be intimidating. Our southern Illinois professional misconduct attorneys are committed to thorough case evaluation and honest, practical guidance reinforced by real-world experience.

We are prepared to go the distance with your valid case in order to obtain a just outcome in the Illinois Court of Claims or another court with jurisdiction. Contact our firm today to share your side of what happened to you and why, so that we can begin evaluating the best course of action for you.

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