Internet Sex Crimes

Arrests of alleged child pornographers and other Internet sex offenders almost always make a big media splash, even when further investigation or criminal litigation ultimately result in a case dismissal or acquittal. This may well factor into the reality that FBI sting operations and police efforts on the local level have increasingly been focused on this complex area of the law.

Charged With Solicitation of a Minor or Possessing Illegal Pornography?

It is critical to recognize that even attempting to commit an Illinois sex crime such as child solicitation or exploitation can bring mandatory registration as a sex offender along with other life-altering penalties. Any such charge is extremely serious, and it calls for dedicated counsel from a Belleville Internet sex crime attorney prepared to go the distance in your defense.

Our firm’s knowledge of criminal law and procedures at both the state and federal court level may prove crucial for you when facing:

  • Child pornography charges, whether involving photographs, videos or written material in either electronic or printed form
  • A charge such as indecent solicitation of a child, sexual exploitation of a child, promoting child prostitution or traveling to meet a minor

Reach a Southern Illinois Attorney for Child Pornography Allegations Defense

Proven defense lawyer Thomas Q. Keefe III will not rush to judgment of you or your case. His commitment to the defense of your constitutional rights and personal future will be evident from your initial consultation forward. To request a meeting focused intently on your needs and legal options, call or e-mail our law firm now.

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