Homicide & Murder

If you have been charged with homicide or are the subject of a murder investigation, the skill and resourcefulness of your criminal defense attorney are very likely to have a pivotal impact on your future. It is essential to work with a lawyer you can talk to and trust for a maximum effort to prove your innocence or avoid the harshest penalties.

Belleville murder defense lawyer Thomas Q. Keefe III is driven by a passion for protecting the innocent and maintaining fairness and balance in our legal system. Working both as a public defender and in private practice, he has handled a wide range of high-stakes criminal cases, consistently seeking outcomes that enable people to recover stability and move forward in a positive direction.

Illinois law provides for capital punishment for only two types of criminal offense: One is treason, and the other is first-degree murder where any of a long list of aggravating factors are found to apply. Although offenses including second-degree murder, reckless homicide and manslaughter can also carry severe, life-altering penalties, success in negotiations to reduce the charge could literally save your life.

Count on Our Skill and Dedication When Your Future Is On the Line

At our longstanding, respected southern Illinois law firm, we provide extensive personal attention to each client. Whether you are innocent and facing false murder/homicide allegations or believe special circumstances (“mitigating factors”) must be considered in your case, we will hear you out fully and strive to identify the optimum legal approach. For example, we are prepared to develop and present evidence of:

  • Mental incapacity due to extreme disturbance or a history of mental or physical abuse
  • A threat presented by the deceased that caused you to act out of fear for your own life or someone else’s

When it comes to our criminal law practice, we are committed to providing the vigorous, focused defense our clients deserve. The sooner you contact us, the sooner our legal team can get to work on a thorough investigation to build the best possible case for you.

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