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One of the most common criminal charges people face in Illinois is DUI, which stands for “driving under the influence” of alcohol or drugs. According to data published by the Illinois Secretary of State, there were more than 48,000 DUI arrests statewide in 2008, for example – an average of over 130 per day.

With all the media attention given to increased DUI enforcement and harsh penalties, most people realize that a conviction under today’s laws can be a life-changing setback. Even a basic, first-offense misdemeanor DUI brings the possibility of jail time, driver’s license suspension for a year or longer, and serious financial consequences. Factors including previous DUI arrests, your age if under 21, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest, or involvement in an accident can make the penalties far more severe.

Investigating Your Case and Engaging With You to Protect Your Future

Belleville DUI defense attorney Thomas Q. Keefe III is prepared to:

  • Thoroughly investigate all circumstances surrounding your DUI/DWI arrest and evaluate all possible avenues of defense – including a lack of probable cause for your traffic stop, negligence or mistakes made in blood alcohol testing, and more
  • Offer caring, straightforward guidance on both your criminal case and the civil procedures associated with protecting or reinstating your driver’s license
  • Provide an honest assessment of your legal options, including our likelihood of success in fighting the charge and outcomes that may be attainable through negotiation with prosecutors

Speak to a Smart, Caring Attorney Before Making Key Decisions

Overcoming a DUI arrest is more challenging than in the past, but it is far from impossible. Facing a judge without a focused, determined lawyer on your side is a serious risk. Whether your goal is to win an acquittal or dismissal or to get through this tough ordeal with manageable consequences, we encourage you to contact us now.

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