Burglary & Trespassing

Allegations that you have stolen property or committed a breaking-and-entering offense carry extremely serious potential consequences. Illinois laws governing burglary and criminal trespass have recently been revised, and it is critical to know just what you have on the line and your legal defense options.

At Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., P.C., a dedicated Belleville burglary lawyer will hear you out and carefully analyze your overall situation. Whether you are innocent and your case calls for extensive investigation or you need a creative, skilled attorney to negotiate a plea that preserves your future, now is a pivotal time.

Clearly Evaluating Consequences and Considering All Angles on Your Case

There are multiple classifications or “degrees” of both burglary and criminal trespass charges covering variables such as theft from a motor vehicle, illegal gun possession, questions of intent, and many others. Harsh sentencing options are also available for offenses such as:

  • Possession of burglary tools
  • Weapons offenses
  • Various forms of theft and other property crimes
  • Possession of stolen property
  • “Criminal fortification” for the purpose of storing, manufacturing or delivering illegal drugs

A lawyer versed in the criminal code and the negotiation of reduced charges and alternative penalties can be a life-changing asset for you. We recognize that many circumstances may pertain to your case and that we have the opportunity to positively impact your future.

Valuing Our Clients’ Futures and Taking Action to Protect Them

Our firm’s focus is on aggressive protection of your rights and freedoms. Police and other officials do make mistakes, and we know the legal avenues to pursue based on specifics of your case. To discuss your defense against burglary or criminal trespass charges in southern or central Illinois, please contact an attorney at our firm today.

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