Assault & Battery

Anyone facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation is at a crossroads, with his or her future on the line. Few situations call for more assertive decision-making, but the legal system is intimidating and the stress on the accused and family members can be overwhelming.

If you have been arrested and charged with any form of assault or battery in Illinois, it is critical to work with a defense lawyer who will work to understand your side of the story and find the best approach to your case. Whether you are a victim of false or exaggerated allegations, or you know you made a mistake and want to pursue reduced consequences, the outcome may depend on the skill and commitment of the attorney on your side.

Skilled Case Preparation and Trial Defense or Negotiation on Your Behalf

Illinois law distinguishes between assault, a charge that can be filed against you whether or not you physically harmed anyone, and battery, which typically does involve actual physical harm. At Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., P.C., you can work with a skilled Belleville assault defense lawyer prepared to defend you against misdemeanor or felony charges including:

  • Simple assault or battery
  • Aggravated assault or battery, often involving the use of a weapon or violence against a government employee such as a police officer
  • Domestic battery

Attorney Thomas Q. Keefe III applies experience as a public defender who has handled cases across the spectrum of criminal law. Our legal team is devoted to making the prosecution prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and we are versed in investigative and trial strategies as well as negotiating techniques that can help you overcome an assault or battery charge.

You will be treated with care and respect at our proven southern Illinois law firm. We will welcome your call to discuss all the circumstances of your case along with your legal and practical options. For creative and aggressive defense of your rights and your future, please contact us anytime.

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