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Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., began practicing law in Illinois in 1979. His track record as a trial lawyer and reputation as a generous community benefactor are known to many, but ours has never been a marketing-oriented law firm. In recent years, our founding attorney has been recognized with honors including the 2008 Chief Judge Richard Hudlin Memorial Award and the Madison-St. Clair Record’s Person of the Year.

Associate attorneys Thomas Q. Keefe III, Kelly T. Crosby, and Samantha Sue Unsell bring recent legal education, strong credentials and a clear dedication to upholding our time-tested principles as a law firm.

Leveraging a collaborative approach balanced by specific areas of knowledge, our attorneys are prepared to help you after a car accident, injury due to use of a defective product, suspected instance of medical malpractice, an arrest that calls for criminal defense, or other major event.

We welcome referrals from fellow lawyers and people we have helped in the past, as well as calls from potential clients who learn about us here. For more on our Belleville attorneys, please click below and view their profiles. To request a consultation, contact us anytime.

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